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Speak (feat. Big Zach)

by Useful Jenkins

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Peace that's how I greet um when I see um/ or speak with um on my Star Trek phone/ live long and prosper/ get your props proper al salaam a'alaykum/ may you have clean water pure aqua H2O clean like a freshly falling flake of snow/ a place to grow where you can take it slow/ and make sense out this immense matrix code/ they play the globe like a game of thrones/ so staying on my dome like a beenie is Khaleesi shown/ out the the fire when the eggs where hatching/ I need a girl in my life with pet dragons/ and the music on her eye phone festi/ kinda headi and hip/ hips holding up the Helix hula-hoop/ real spit speaking her thoughts and got roots

Speak speak like a beacon of light light light up this room so bright bright if we all believe believe it's like a hula-hoop give and receive Speak speak like a beacon of light light light up this room so bright bright if we all believe believe 360 degrees give and receive

When you speak don't shadow the light no Lets you words sing, shine so bright and full Because the truth don't always come out right you know, you know, you know I said Hey, won't you come my way Don't be shy, baby it's ok I know it's been hard for you lately Calgon, won't you come and take me Cause in this life we gotta prosper, feelin good we gotta spread it on proper fill it to the brim, fresh glass of water, pour it on like you pulled the stopper Because, you are beautiful And can't nobody break your soul You got more to offer than you know It's time to rise up and just let it go

Water ice and steam/ a lot like life death and dreams/ what I mean might seem metaphoric/ but in time let your mind explore it/ we orbit a star on a giant rock/ or so we always been told through science talk/ earth life fueled from water and sunlight/ if we are apes evolved to walk up right/ right up on top of the food chain/ vibe with the tide/ the moon makes our mood change/ calendar annual/ the female human is a magical animal/ since we were eating on the Eden apple/ I do the knowledge on a modest goddess/ their energy is hard to harness/ after all we are all made out of stardust/


released December 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Useful Jenkins Mankato, Minnesota

Useful Jenkins is a high-spirited bluegrass band from Mankato, MN, that can only be described as acoustic jamgrass with a funk twist. The band’s enduring presence in the local music scene, and their intimate connection with their fans, has inspired them to seek new avenues and media venues that can offer wider access to new listeners. ... more


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